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  1. Helpful Products

    March 30, 2012 by shellb

    I wanted to add some great products I’ve found that you might find interesting too. I have just put the titles and when you use the “click here” link, it will take you to the site that explains all the details and price. There are so many great products out there about your cat that also help solve problems or concerns you have. Hope you find something of interest.

    Cat Health Secrets

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    Siamese Cat Secrets

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    Solutions To Your Cat Behavior Problems By 2 Cat Vets

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    18 Ways to Stop Cat Urine Odor

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  2. Natural Cat Products

    December 1, 2011 by shellb

    People are becoming more and more interested in natural remedies. I have collected many books over the years on the subject and have tried some myself. I have also used them on my cats, with great results. A word of caution: natural remedies have to used with caution just as you would regular medications. Be sure you read up on what something does and what the side effects might be and always ask your vet about it first. I am going to tell you about three of the things I’ve tried and how successful they were.

    Calendula for cat acne and healing

    When I saw my first case of cat acne, I was horrified and had no idea what it was. My cats chin was totally black and I rushed him to the vet. Turned out it was acne and he gave me some cream to use. Well, that didn’t work, so I went back and he gave me another cream to use. That didn’t work as well and I was out quite a bit of money and frustrated that I couldn’t get rid of my cats acne! I went to my natural cat books and read about Calendula. It is very safe to use and so I tried it. You can get it in liquid form which you can mix with some water. I started cleaning his chin with this mixture and I could not believe the results. Within two days his acne was gone! I continued to wipe his chin for a few days after that and then stopped. Not only did it clear it up, he never got acne again.

    Calendula is also great for cuts or minor wounds. It heals very quickly, so the only thing you have to be careful of is if the wound could be abscessed.  If so, the abscess must be thoroughly drained before putting calendula on it. The calendula heals so quickly that if there is any infection left, it will heal over and another abscess could form. However, with minor cuts and wounds, this usually isn’t a problem. Just clean the area well first and then apply the calendula. It is amazing stuff!

    Echinacea for ringworm

    When one of my cats got ringworm, I  took him to the vet and was given medication to put on him. Again, it didn’t seem to be working, so I went back to my books on natural remedies and found out about echinacea. I got just pure echinacea tincture and started using that. He had the ringworm over a good portion of his body and it cleared up in a very short time. Herbal remedies really do work much better sometimes than traditional medications.  They are also less expensive, which certainly helps too. I don’t know how much money I’ve spent over the years at the vets with treatments that didn’t work. That’s not to say that there aren’t times when the medications they give you aren’t necessary and the only thing that would help, but there are many times the herbal remedies work not only better, but are also safer.

    Flower Essences

    To be honest, when I first read about flower essences, I was quite skeptical. How could an energetic imprint of a flower help? It was something I didn’t even totally comprehend, let alone believe could work. However, the more I read about them, the more I thought they might be worth a try. I have never read anything about bad side effects of these and they are thought to be completely safe. These are for emotional problems our pets have, like being overly aggressive or extremely timid. One of them, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (which is probably the best known brand of flower essences and has been around for a very long time) is for any kind of emotional stress. I tried it on some of my cats before taking them to the vet. I would squirt the recommended dosage in their mouths and they didn’t seem to mind the taste, which was a welcome relief.

    I won’t say that it calmed them down completely, like a sedative would, but they did seem less stressed out by the visit. Some people put a few drops in their pets water bowls and they swear they find their animals calmer. This is not just for animals and I have tried it myself. I did feel calmer after using it. This is nothing extreme, but it proves to me that it does help. There are many different flower essence formulas for many different problems. They are certainly worth a try.

    So, these are just three natural products I have tried and had success with. I try to use natural products whenever possible for everything from health issues to cleaning products. I think they are definitely safer and less harmful to the body. Get a good book on natural pet remedies and read up. There are some wonderful products that will benefit your pets.

    I have used the company below for years and highly recommend it! Just click below to go directly there and discover what natural pet products are about.

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  3. Small, Medium and Large Cat Furniture

    September 8, 2011 by shellb

    With so many sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find just the right piece of cat furniture for kitty. A large one is always a great choice, as it gives them lots of play room and scratching posts. Most of the larger ones have toys attached, enclosed cubicles to hide in, and lots of levels. If you have more than one cat, a large one is the obvious choice. This not only gives each cat an area to claim as his own, but it invites them to play with each other. Watching their antics on one of these great towers is truly entertaining! It also makes them bond and become better friends.


    Check these out! Click on any image for details!

    The medium size is great if you are a little cramped for space. They still have plenty of levels and “extras” to keep your cat amused and happy, but can easily fit into smaller areas. It’s also nice to have several of these throughout the house, so the medium sized cat furniture can be a more economical choice. If kitty is bothering you while you sleep, a cat condo put in your bedroom can give them a place to curl up. Having their own sleeping place will give you more freedom in your own bed. You both will sleep better. The medium sized cat furniture is perfect for kittens, as it will seem large to them at that age.

    Click on image below to get the details on these medium size towers!

    The small sized cat furniture is wonderful tucked into corners and nooks in your house. They usually have a top section that is perfect for sleeping and relaxing. Some have enclosed areas on the bottom that they can hide in and get that feeling of security and safety. This is so important to cats. They need to have a safe place and cat furniture provides that. The smaller ones can be placed in all kinds of unique places that will delight your cat. Whatever size you choose, your cat will have his own place to play, relax, sleep, or just observe the world. Cat furniture provides more than just fun, it gives them all kinds of other benefits: exercise, safety, security, and will fill that special need your cat has for his own territory.

    These small ones are great for a kitten or if you’re cramped for space. Click on any image to get details!



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  4. Pink Cat Furniture

    June 19, 2011 by shellb

    You may be wondering why I have a special page for pink cat furniture! Why pink in particular? A friend of mine got her daughter Amanda, who just turned six, a kitten for her birthday. Amanda adores her new kitty, Ruffles, who was named that because Amanda loves ruffles on all her clothing. Amanda also loves the color pink and her room is proof of that! So, Ruffles had to have her own furniture and bed for Amanda’s room. She naturally came to me for advice and we found her the perfect pink cat furniture for Ruffles.

    It looks amazing in the room and what’s even better is that Ruffles stays in that room more than any other in the house. Amanda is happy because she wants Ruffles with her at all times, Ruffles is happy with her new furniture, and mom is happy that their happy! I wanted to include some of the furniture she used and a few other things…they are perfect for a little girls room.

    This is the one that Lesa, Amanda’s mom, bought for her room. It is perfect for Ruffles and will accommodate her as she grows up from kitten to cat, something to think about when buying cat furniture.

    Ruffles also had to have her own bed to sleep in when she wasn’t cuddling with Amanda. This one was so girly and pretty and  comes with it’s own little pillow.  Ruffles loves it!

    The last thing they got was an extra cat scratcher. Even though her cat tree has plenty of scratching posts, she just liked the way this one was shaped and, of course, that it was pink. Ruffles seems to like it too because she can stretch out on it.


  5. Unique and Fun Cat Products

    April 29, 2011 by shellb

    There are so many great products out there for your cats. I wanted to include a page of things I find unique and fun. Just a variety of goodies that your kitty will find fascinating. Some of them have been around for a long while and may not seem that unique. I’ve included those that I have found to be my cats favorites. Like any parent who wants to spoil their child, I have bought  a lot of toys for my cats. Some are still ignored, while others are treasured!

    Tunnels are one of my cats favorite toys. The nice part about these is that they can be put outside, if made of nylon. My rescued feral cats have their own outdoor screened in porches and I use the tunnels out there a lot. Cats love to play hide and seek and these tunnels are terrific for that. Lasers have really become the new toy! They are so fascinated chasing that little red dot around. Just be sure you never point them directly at their eyes. The little mice are never ignored. They love grabbing the tail and carrying them around the house. They also like to sling them across the room and then pounce. Even though they are toys, cats never seem to lose their love of mice.

    The Cat Jungle (see ad below) is a favorite too. It’s basically just like giving them a big box to play in, which we all know they enjoy, but it is prettier to look at. It will fit into your home much better than that ratty box your latest large purchase came in. It also has levels built in and that adds to the fun. The turbo scratcher is something I’ve had for years and my cats have never become tired of it. It’s such a simple toy, but definitely a favorite. I included the emergency kits because everyone should be ready for the unexpected. Having it all together also makes it easy to take with you on trips. My brother and his girlfriend got the Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy and their two cats love this box. They play for hours with it and enjoy dropping things into the holes. As you can see, I have actually used most of  these toys and included them because I know they are a success with my cats, not a waste of money!  I also found some unique items that look very promising, so decided to show you those too. Check them out and see what you think your cat would find interesting.






    This is a great site for truly unique products!

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  6. Cat Chaise Lounges

    April 23, 2011 by shellb

    There are so many great products out there now to spoil your cat and we all know they are worth it! These cat chaise lounges are just another example of how innovative cat furniture has become. And how much thinking is going into making it fit well into our homes. Now some people would say that their cats like the furniture already in the house and that’s true. However, cats are very territorial and when they realize something is just for them, and that their humans can’t use it, they seem delighted! It also helps to keep your own furniture less hairy and not scratched on. And to be honest, this cat furniture is just so darn cute!

    The cat chaise lounges below by Imperial Cat are made of recycled paper and are made for lounging but also for scratching. They come in a variety of colors and are very reasonably priced. The shape is one any cat would love to stretch out on .

    The Fantasy Furniture cat chaise lounges below are definitely a unique addition to your home.  A strong wood frame gives plenty  of support and is covered with padded upholstery fabric. It even comes with a matching pillow. They come in a variety of fabric patterns and are truly the cats meow! These cat chaise lounges are their own mini piece of furniture that will make your cat feel like a king or queen.


    Click on picture to check out these great chaise lounges!

  7. Modern Cat Furniture

    April 8, 2011 by shellb

         Cat furniture has changed dramatically in the past few years. There are so many different styles, colors, designs and sizes that you have no problem finding just the right one. I remember the very first one I bought about thirty years ago. It was a floor to ceiling model, with the tension bar at the ceiling, and had three platforms. It was a weird color, not exactly beige, but kind of brownish. Nothing else was on it. No hidey holes, toys, boxed in areas, just the three rather small platforms. I have to admit that my cats liked it, but the ones I have today are far superior to that one. Cat furniture has become modern.

         First of all, they have realized the importance of color choices. As much as you love your cats, you want their tree or condo to fit into the general decor of your home. No more having to settle for bright orange or pea soup green! You can get cat furniture in so many colors that actually blend in and don’t stand out like a sore thumb in the room. Some have also changed from the carpeting to what they refer to as faux fur.  While the carpeted ones are still a good choice too, the faux fur is more luxurious looking and holds up much better. The addition of sisal scratching posts has been one of the best things to come around. Cats love sisal and will usually ignore the couch or carpeting on the floor in favor of the sisal. Carpeted scratching posts are confusing I think. The cat knows it’s ok to scratch the post with the carpet, but gets reprimanded when scratching the carpet on the floor. As smart as we think our cats are, they can’t tell the difference!

         The construction of cat furniture has improved also. Made generally of plywood on the flat platforms and heavy cardboard tubes, it is stronger than the older versions used to be. Assembly is mostly simple, although I recommend reading the entire instruction sheet first. It will save you a mistake that might require you to undo what you’ve already done to fix it. I find the hardware that comes with it much better too. All of these improvements have also improved the stability of cat furniture. I generally put them in a corner, which helps to keep them from tipping over, but I personally have never had one fall over. And if you’re nervous about it, you can always secure part of it to the wall. They are generally designed now to be heavy enough at the bottom to not tip. 

         With all the styles available, there are also some really unique and unusual cat trees, condos and towers out there. Companies are getting really creative in styling and making cat furniture that, in some cases, look more like “art” than a cat tree. If you have a really modern decor, you would have no problem finding something to fit in. Our cats condos, trees and towers have truly become modern cat furniture.


    For a look at some very modern cat furniture click below!

  8. Outdoor Cat Furniture

    April 3, 2011 by shellb

    There are some types of cat furniture made especially for outdoors now. They are usually made of cedar and have rust resistant fixtures. There are also units that are nylon and put together with pipes and joints made of plastic. I have personally used many of these nylon models for my outside feral cats and they work well, but sometimes don’t last a long time. However, they are usually fairly inexpensive, so replacing them is not a huge investment. Then there are the outdoor houses that provide them with shelter and again, are usually made of cedar. These can be wonderful, especially if you live in any kind of extreme climate. They come in so many sizes and styles, and are so stylish, you won’t mind them in the yard at all. They remind me of little log cabins and even come in two story models. There have been a lot of changes in cat furniture in the last few years and outdoor cat furniture is certainly on the rise.

    I have to say that I have also used indoor cat furniture successfully outside. If you have an area that is well covered and can place the indoor furniture in a spot where it will not get direct sun or rained or snowed on, it can last a very long time. I mentioned my feral cats that live outside. They stay in a large screened in “room” that has a tunnel that leads to a smaller screened in “room” around the back of the house. The front  has a wide overhang and I have an indoor condo under that. The back has a metal roof and I have several trees and towers out there. They have held up extremely well being outside. They are making indoor cat furniture in a much sturdier fashion these days, so under the right circumstances, indoor can convert to outdoor cat furniture. Whichever you choose, your cats will thank you!


    Click on any image below for all the details!

  9. Sisal Scratching Posts

    April 3, 2011 by shellb

    I can’t say enough about sisal. Cats absolutely love it! Sisal is an agave and used in making twine and rope, among other things. It has also been used to make cloth wall covering, carpets and even paper. Whoever the genius was that first introduced it to cat scratching posts, I’d like to say a huge thank you. It is very durable, unlike carpeting, that tends to shred and end up all over the floor. another problem with carpeting is that it doesn’t stay on for long. The sisal stays put and doesn’t make a mess. I also have found that my cats don’t get their claws stuck in it and sometimes they did with the carpeted scratching posts. Sisal scratching posts are one of those new things that come along that you wonder how you ever did without.

    There are many different styles of sisal scratching posts and, thankfully, most cat furniture towers, trees and condos now have sisal scratching posts built into them. Another great thing about sisal is that cats seem to go straight to it. We all know how cautious cats can be.  When you bring home a new piece of furniture for them, most of them will have to just look at it, from afar, for awhile. Then they will sneak up and smell it. They have to thoroughly examine it before they will actually touch it. This can take sometimes days or, at least in my experience, a week or two. I have bought cat furniture that I was beginning to wonder if I wasted my money, because none of my cats would actually play on it. One tip I learned is to sprinkle some cat nip on the new item.This sometimes speeds up the process! But eventually, when the safety exam was over, they would  be climbing and having a blast. With the sisal scratching posts, I’ve seen them go straight to it and begin using it that very day.

    One of the best parts of sisal scratching posts is the wear and tear it saves on your carpeted floors and furniture. My cats were wrecking havoc on the sofa and other chairs in my house until I got them several sisal scratching posts. I have one in every room and they now use those instead of the sofa. If they do go for a “no scratching” item, I simply pick them up, scold them gently and take them to the scratching post. Once they scratch there, they realize that the sisal is much more enjoyable than the material on the sofa. So, for the pleasure your cat will get from sisal scratching posts and the relief it will bring to your furniture and carpets, pick up several!