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  1. Small, Medium and Large Cat Furniture

    September 8, 2011 by shellb

    With so many sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find just the right piece of cat furniture for kitty. A large one is always a great choice, as it gives them lots of play room and scratching posts. Most of the larger ones have toys attached, enclosed cubicles to hide in, and lots of levels. If you have more than one cat, a large one is the obvious choice. This not only gives each cat an area to claim as his own, but it invites them to play with each other. Watching their antics on one of these great towers is truly entertaining! It also makes them bond and become better friends.


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    The medium size is great if you are a little cramped for space. They still have plenty of levels and “extras” to keep your cat amused and happy, but can easily fit into smaller areas. It’s also nice to have several of these throughout the house, so the medium sized cat furniture can be a more economical choice. If kitty is bothering you while you sleep, a cat condo put in your bedroom can give them a place to curl up. Having their own sleeping place will give you more freedom in your own bed. You both will sleep better. The medium sized cat furniture is perfect for kittens, as it will seem large to them at that age.

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    The small sized cat furniture is wonderful tucked into corners and nooks in your house. They usually have a top section that is perfect for sleeping and relaxing. Some have enclosed areas on the bottom that they can hide in and get that feeling of security and safety. This is so important to cats. They need to have a safe place and cat furniture provides that. The smaller ones can be placed in all kinds of unique places that will delight your cat. Whatever size you choose, your cat will have his own place to play, relax, sleep, or just observe the world. Cat furniture provides more than just fun, it gives them all kinds of other benefits: exercise, safety, security, and will fill that special need your cat has for his own territory.

    These small ones are great for a kitten or if you’re cramped for space. Click on any image to get details!



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