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  1. Modern Cat Furniture

    April 8, 2011 by shellb

         Cat furniture has changed dramatically in the past few years. There are so many different styles, colors, designs and sizes that you have no problem finding just the right one. I remember the very first one I bought about thirty years ago. It was a floor to ceiling model, with the tension bar at the ceiling, and had three platforms. It was a weird color, not exactly beige, but kind of brownish. Nothing else was on it. No hidey holes, toys, boxed in areas, just the three rather small platforms. I have to admit that my cats liked it, but the ones I have today are far superior to that one. Cat furniture has become modern.

         First of all, they have realized the importance of color choices. As much as you love your cats, you want their tree or condo to fit into the general decor of your home. No more having to settle for bright orange or pea soup green! You can get cat furniture in so many colors that actually blend in and don’t stand out like a sore thumb in the room. Some have also changed from the carpeting to what they refer to as faux fur.  While the carpeted ones are still a good choice too, the faux fur is more luxurious looking and holds up much better. The addition of sisal scratching posts has been one of the best things to come around. Cats love sisal and will usually ignore the couch or carpeting on the floor in favor of the sisal. Carpeted scratching posts are confusing I think. The cat knows it’s ok to scratch the post with the carpet, but gets reprimanded when scratching the carpet on the floor. As smart as we think our cats are, they can’t tell the difference!

         The construction of cat furniture has improved also. Made generally of plywood on the flat platforms and heavy cardboard tubes, it is stronger than the older versions used to be. Assembly is mostly simple, although I recommend reading the entire instruction sheet first. It will save you a mistake that might require you to undo what you’ve already done to fix it. I find the hardware that comes with it much better too. All of these improvements have also improved the stability of cat furniture. I generally put them in a corner, which helps to keep them from tipping over, but I personally have never had one fall over. And if you’re nervous about it, you can always secure part of it to the wall. They are generally designed now to be heavy enough at the bottom to not tip. 

         With all the styles available, there are also some really unique and unusual cat trees, condos and towers out there. Companies are getting really creative in styling and making cat furniture that, in some cases, look more like “art” than a cat tree. If you have a really modern decor, you would have no problem finding something to fit in. Our cats condos, trees and towers have truly become modern cat furniture.


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