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    December 1, 2011 by shellb

    People are becoming more and more interested in natural remedies. I have collected many books over the years on the subject and have tried some myself. I have also used them on my cats, with great results. A word of caution: natural remedies have to used with caution just as you would regular medications. Be sure you read up on what something does and what the side effects might be and always ask your vet about it first. I am going to tell you about three of the things I’ve tried and how successful they were.

    Calendula for cat acne and healing

    When I saw my first case of cat acne, I was horrified and had no idea what it was. My cats chin was totally black and I rushed him to the vet. Turned out it was acne and he gave me some cream to use. Well, that didn’t work, so I went back and he gave me another cream to use. That didn’t work as well and I was out quite a bit of money and frustrated that I couldn’t get rid of my cats acne! I went to my natural cat books and read about Calendula. It is very safe to use and so I tried it. You can get it in liquid form which you can mix with some water. I started cleaning his chin with this mixture and I could not believe the results. Within two days his acne was gone! I continued to wipe his chin for a few days after that and then stopped. Not only did it clear it up, he never got acne again.

    Calendula is also great for cuts or minor wounds. It heals very quickly, so the only thing you have to be careful of is if the wound could be abscessed.  If so, the abscess must be thoroughly drained before putting calendula on it. The calendula heals so quickly that if there is any infection left, it will heal over and another abscess could form. However, with minor cuts and wounds, this usually isn’t a problem. Just clean the area well first and then apply the calendula. It is amazing stuff!

    Echinacea for ringworm

    When one of my cats got ringworm, I  took him to the vet and was given medication to put on him. Again, it didn’t seem to be working, so I went back to my books on natural remedies and found out about echinacea. I got just pure echinacea tincture and started using that. He had the ringworm over a good portion of his body and it cleared up in a very short time. Herbal remedies really do work much better sometimes than traditional medications.  They are also less expensive, which certainly helps too. I don’t know how much money I’ve spent over the years at the vets with treatments that didn’t work. That’s not to say that there aren’t times when the medications they give you aren’t necessary and the only thing that would help, but there are many times the herbal remedies work not only better, but are also safer.

    Flower Essences

    To be honest, when I first read about flower essences, I was quite skeptical. How could an energetic imprint of a flower help? It was something I didn’t even totally comprehend, let alone believe could work. However, the more I read about them, the more I thought they might be worth a try. I have never read anything about bad side effects of these and they are thought to be completely safe. These are for emotional problems our pets have, like being overly aggressive or extremely timid. One of them, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (which is probably the best known brand of flower essences and has been around for a very long time) is for any kind of emotional stress. I tried it on some of my cats before taking them to the vet. I would squirt the recommended dosage in their mouths and they didn’t seem to mind the taste, which was a welcome relief.

    I won’t say that it calmed them down completely, like a sedative would, but they did seem less stressed out by the visit. Some people put a few drops in their pets water bowls and they swear they find their animals calmer. This is not just for animals and I have tried it myself. I did feel calmer after using it. This is nothing extreme, but it proves to me that it does help. There are many different flower essence formulas for many different problems. They are certainly worth a try.

    So, these are just three natural products I have tried and had success with. I try to use natural products whenever possible for everything from health issues to cleaning products. I think they are definitely safer and less harmful to the body. Get a good book on natural pet remedies and read up. There are some wonderful products that will benefit your pets.

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