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  1. Outdoor Cat Furniture

    April 3, 2011 by shellb

    There are some types of cat furniture made especially for outdoors now. They are usually made of cedar and have rust resistant fixtures. There are also units that are nylon and put together with pipes and joints made of plastic. I have personally used many of these nylon models for my outside feral cats and they work well, but sometimes don’t last a long time. However, they are usually fairly inexpensive, so replacing them is not a huge investment. Then there are the outdoor houses that provide them with shelter and again, are usually made of cedar. These can be wonderful, especially if you live in any kind of extreme climate. They come in so many sizes and styles, and are so stylish, you won’t mind them in the yard at all. They remind me of little log cabins and even come in two story models. There have been a lot of changes in cat furniture in the last few years and outdoor cat furniture is certainly on the rise.

    I have to say that I have also used indoor cat furniture successfully outside. If you have an area that is well covered and can place the indoor furniture in a spot where it will not get direct sun or rained or snowed on, it can last a very long time. I mentioned my feral cats that live outside. They stay in a large screened in “room” that has a tunnel that leads to a smaller screened in “room” around the back of the house. The front  has a wide overhang and I have an indoor condo under that. The back has a metal roof and I have several trees and towers out there. They have held up extremely well being outside. They are making indoor cat furniture in a much sturdier fashion these days, so under the right circumstances, indoor can convert to outdoor cat furniture. Whichever you choose, your cats will thank you!


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