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  1. Pink Cat Furniture

    June 19, 2011 by shellb

    You may be wondering why I have a special page for pink cat furniture! Why pink in particular? A friend of mine got her daughter Amanda, who just turned six, a kitten for her birthday. Amanda adores her new kitty, Ruffles, who was named that because Amanda loves ruffles on all her clothing. Amanda also loves the color pink and her room is proof of that! So, Ruffles had to have her own furniture and bed for Amanda’s room. She naturally came to me for advice and we found her the perfect pink cat furniture for Ruffles.

    It looks amazing in the room and what’s even better is that Ruffles stays in that room more than any other in the house. Amanda is happy because she wants Ruffles with her at all times, Ruffles is happy with her new furniture, and mom is happy that their happy! I wanted to include some of the furniture she used and a few other things…they are perfect for a little girls room.

    This is the one that Lesa, Amanda’s mom, bought for her room. It is perfect for Ruffles and will accommodate her as she grows up from kitten to cat, something to think about when buying cat furniture.

    Ruffles also had to have her own bed to sleep in when she wasn’t cuddling with Amanda. This one was so girly and pretty and  comes with it’s own little pillow.  Ruffles loves it!

    The last thing they got was an extra cat scratcher. Even though her cat tree has plenty of scratching posts, she just liked the way this one was shaped and, of course, that it was pink. Ruffles seems to like it too because she can stretch out on it.