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    April 3, 2011 by shellb

    I can’t say enough about sisal. Cats absolutely love it! Sisal is an agave and used in making twine and rope, among other things. It has also been used to make cloth wall covering, carpets and even paper. Whoever the genius was that first introduced it to cat scratching posts, I’d like to say a huge thank you. It is very durable, unlike carpeting, that tends to shred and end up all over the floor. another problem with carpeting is that it doesn’t stay on for long. The sisal stays put and doesn’t make a mess. I also have found that my cats don’t get their claws stuck in it and sometimes they did with the carpeted scratching posts. Sisal scratching posts are one of those new things that come along that you wonder how you ever did without.

    There are many different styles of sisal scratching posts and, thankfully, most cat furniture towers, trees and condos now have sisal scratching posts built into them. Another great thing about sisal is that cats seem to go straight to it. We all know how cautious cats can be.  When you bring home a new piece of furniture for them, most of them will have to just look at it, from afar, for awhile. Then they will sneak up and smell it. They have to thoroughly examine it before they will actually touch it. This can take sometimes days or, at least in my experience, a week or two. I have bought cat furniture that I was beginning to wonder if I wasted my money, because none of my cats would actually play on it. One tip I learned is to sprinkle some cat nip on the new item.This sometimes speeds up the process! But eventually, when the safety exam was over, they would  be climbing and having a blast. With the sisal scratching posts, I’ve seen them go straight to it and begin using it that very day.

    One of the best parts of sisal scratching posts is the wear and tear it saves on your carpeted floors and furniture. My cats were wrecking havoc on the sofa and other chairs in my house until I got them several sisal scratching posts. I have one in every room and they now use those instead of the sofa. If they do go for a “no scratching” item, I simply pick them up, scold them gently and take them to the scratching post. Once they scratch there, they realize that the sisal is much more enjoyable than the material on the sofa. So, for the pleasure your cat will get from sisal scratching posts and the relief it will bring to your furniture and carpets, pick up several!