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    April 29, 2011 by shellb

    There are so many great products out there for your cats. I wanted to include a page of things I find unique and fun. Just a variety of goodies that your kitty will find fascinating. Some of them have been around for a long while and may not seem that unique. I’ve included those that I have found to be my cats favorites. Like any parent who wants to spoil their child, I have bought  a lot of toys for my cats. Some are still ignored, while others are treasured!

    Tunnels are one of my cats favorite toys. The nice part about these is that they can be put outside, if made of nylon. My rescued feral cats have their own outdoor screened in porches and I use the tunnels out there a lot. Cats love to play hide and seek and these tunnels are terrific for that. Lasers have really become the new toy! They are so fascinated chasing that little red dot around. Just be sure you never point them directly at their eyes. The little mice are never ignored. They love grabbing the tail and carrying them around the house. They also like to sling them across the room and then pounce. Even though they are toys, cats never seem to lose their love of mice.

    The Cat Jungle (see ad below) is a favorite too. It’s basically just like giving them a big box to play in, which we all know they enjoy, but it is prettier to look at. It will fit into your home much better than that ratty box your latest large purchase came in. It also has levels built in and that adds to the fun. The turbo scratcher is something I’ve had for years and my cats have never become tired of it. It’s such a simple toy, but definitely a favorite. I included the emergency kits because everyone should be ready for the unexpected. Having it all together also makes it easy to take with you on trips. My brother and his girlfriend got the Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy and their two cats love this box. They play for hours with it and enjoy dropping things into the holes. As you can see, I have actually used most of  these toys and included them because I know they are a success with my cats, not a waste of money!  I also found some unique items that look very promising, so decided to show you those too. Check them out and see what you think your cat would find interesting.






    This is a great site for truly unique products!

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